Hoa Phat Furniture for 20 years – Colorful festival


With the theme “20 years of the space illuminated Vietnam”,  20th anniversary of the founding and development of Hoa Phat Furniture JSC (1995-2015) was held solemnly at Hanoi on 10/30/2015). The ceremony was held outdoors on site Hoa Phat ecology, has left a strong impression and feeling for guests attended the party with sound and light. With the exciting dance, the more entertainment by the employees of the Company.

Mo man

Attended the 20th anniversary of Hoa Phat Furniture has the presence of Mr. Tran Dinh Long – President, the vice-chairman and board members): Mr. Tran Tuan Duong, General Director of the Group; Mr. Doan Gia Cuong, Director of Furniture Company; Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, Director of Steel pipes Compnay; Mr. Ta Tuan Quang, Director of Refrigeration; Mr. Hoang Quang Viet, Director of Construction Company; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang, Director of Device and Equipment Company;  Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, Deputy CEO and Director of Hoa Phat Animal feed Company, board of directors, chief deputy director of the Group member companies. Especially in the presence of over 200 typical dealers typical of Hoa Phat Furniture in the country.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Mr. Doan Gia Cuong review touched the milestone in 20 years of development of the Company. From only a trading company of furniture products in 1995, and now Hoa Phat Furniture has become a leading manufacturer in the furniture industry of Vietnam, is the prestigious and rich creativity, priority has always been customer use.

Sep phat bieu

“On behalf of the Company, I would like to express deep gratitude to the leadership, staff and employees of the Company over the period, especially Presedent Tran Dinh Long, who founded and formed the frame and solid foundation for the development of Hoa Phat Furniture.  The success of the company is also in close co-operation, long-term commitment of the agents and distributors throughout the North – Central – South.  Without his stick coordination, the company will hardly be as successful as today, “Cuong said.

Hoa Phat Furniture leaders stressed, the Company will continue to uphold the traditions and achievements may be in the future, promoting innovation in production and business. Constantly improve of product supply competence and after-sales service, the application of production management software and best sale-pro to serve development objectives in the future stronger targets.

Presedent Tran Dinh Long congratulated the achievements of the company for 20 years. He said Hoa Phat Funiture is proud of group and Furniture field has become popular across in the country. Today, Hoa Phat Group is known as the leading industry of Vietnam, but Hoa Phat Furniture is an important sector contributing to the overall development of the Group. President also sent sincere gratitude to the company’s dealers across in the country, and expects to continue to receive positive cooperation from dealer next time

KeyWord Lê ky niem

phao hoa Key

At the ceremony, Hoa Phat Furniture JSC has officially launched its website at www.hoaphat.com. With a full range of features of a channel of modern electronic information, this is the formal site of Hoa Phat Furniture, serve effectively for the introduction of products, supporting dealers and customers in the offering of products introduced by the company.

ANh Website

Yen le hat - nhay

Yen Le singer with an exciting song “Do not leave me alone”

mua cham web

The Cham Dance of Hoa Phat Furniture staffs and employees

Ly keo chai

The repertory Ly keo chai of Hoa Phat Furniture staffs and employees

Dj choi nhac

King Lady DJ playing music very lively

flamenco Web

Staffs and Employees Furniture with Flamenco repertoire

With many valuable gifts, the “lucky draw” programe also created great excitement for guests attended. These awards include: First prize is a wall-mounted air conditioning Funiki 12.000BTU of Hoa Phat Refrigeration belong to Hoang Nhat (HN) agent; second prize with a new generation of safe for The Loc (HCM) agent; Dealers Minh Tuan (Haiphong) took third with a new generation of grid chair. Earlier, three other agents representing three regions also won consolation prizes.

Boc tham trung thuong 1 - Web

giai 3

Boc tham trung thuong 2 - Web

Boc tham trung thuong 3

The 20th anniversary ceremony of Hoa Phat Furniture great success. The entire board of directors and staff of the agency sang the song “Hoa Phat victory”, creating the atmosphere petal solidarity, commitment and hope for Hoa Phat Furniture constantly rising and flying beyond so far.

Ket thuc chuong trinh

Immediately after the ceremony in Hanoi, Hoa Phat Furniture JSC organized special tourist programs – explore Sa Pa, dedicated to the typical agents of the company from 31/10 – 2/11 / 2015